Care Farms

At Top Farm, we care about the local community and it’s environment. where we specialize in encouraging people to develop their practical skills and qualifications in a beautiful and therapeutic environment: Skillspace, The Good Soil Project and Bonterre.

Projects are run through Good Soil Company which is a social enterprise company guaranteed by Top Barn Trust.

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Operating in just 2 acres of farmland this commercial nursery grows and sells a significant amount of cut flowers and bedding plants each year.

As well as participating in the work required to run this unit students attending Skillspace can also engage in activities in our ‘world at work’ unit that provides a basic introduction to woodwork, plumbing, bricklaying and plastering. In addition to this we can also run short cooking sessions in our well equipped kitchen to compliment any existing life skills programme that commissioners may already be delivering.

The Good Soil Project

Students and volunteers attending The Good Soil Project can gain practical experience of working on a small 6 acre farm growing a wide range of vegetables and feeding and maintaining our hens, sheep and pigs.

The activities and the environment that we work in at The Good Soil Project provide an exceptionally effective and distinctive experience for people in at-risk groups by engaging them in work that benefits their health, well-being and confidence.

As a fresh produce grower that markets produce commercially we promote an awareness of nutritious food and the physical exercise required to produce it. In many cases this can also play a key part in a client’s move towards independent living and eventually employability.


Building on the success of care farms like the Good Soil Project and Skillspace – Bonterre is a 15 acre site that aims to provide a ‘next step’ for our students.Bontere has big plans for the future, keep in touch as we develop our programme to include supporting our French Farm Le Pre Long and our overseas projects.