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About Harper Farming

Harper Farming is a partnership, owned and run by John and Alice Harper (and their children!) at Woodside Farm, Top Barn. We are a mixed farming business in the heart of the beautiful Severn Valley with sheep, Hereford cattle and arable cropping. A large part of the business is growing and packing a range of vegetables for Minor, Weir and Willis who serve various supermarkets.


Harper Farming grow a wide range of vegetables such as legumes (peas, broad, runner and dwarf beans), brassicas (purple sprouting, pak choi, choi sum) and alliums (salad onions, jumbo onions), asparagus and butternut squash as well as the more traditional cereals.


We are very proud of our herd of Hereford beef cattle which are bred, reared and finished on the grass meadows along the banks of the river Severn. Hereford cattle are well known for their docility and strong maternal qualities.  The beef produced is marbled, tender and highly sought after.

Christmas Trees

For the last 7 years, we have been growing our own christmas trees and many local people come to the Harvest Shop year after year to buy their trees from us.

Top Barn Produce 
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