The Pools

FishingPools_0003_Layer 0Woodside Pool

Woodside Pool has matured over the years and become extremely popular with our regular anglers. It has 15 pegs and is stocked with 3 – 25lbs carp. Bream and other silver fish. Woodside Pool is a good beginner’s pool but still provides a challenge to the more experienced angler.

FishingPools_0002_Layer 1Firtree Pool

Firtree Pool holds carp up to 20lbs. MIXED. It has 20 pegs, many of which are suitable for disabled anglers.

FishingPools_0001_Layer 2Top Barn Pool

Top Barn Pool is a speciman pool holding carp up to 30lbs. Again there are pegs suitable for disabled anglers here and the views are superb. This pool has 24 pegs.

FishingPools_0000_Layer 3Grebe Pool

Grebe Pool Peg Numbers
Grebe Pool provides a more challenging landscape for the pleasure angler and is also our largest fishing pool with 58 pegs in total. The setting of this, with its peninsular and island covered in trees adds real character to Grebe Pool – and gives you a memorable day’s fishing! Carp up to 20lb. MIXED.  Contest peg bookings on grebe:competition list



New accessible pegs

New accessible pegs

New pegs

New pegs