Tasty, quality meats, brought to you by experienced butchers


Meat provenance is so important and we feel if you know the farm, you know the quality you’re getting

We provide a sumptuous selection of fresh meats, raised and reared on the farm, bred and reared for its flavour and texture.

Hereford Beef

Hereford cattle are known to be among the top beef breeds, alongside Aberdeen Angus, when it comes to taste. Our Herefords are grass fed giving all the natural health benefits as well as a superior taste. In our butchery we have two experienced butchers who demand the highest quality standards in terms of confirmation, hanging and cutting. This leaves our customers with top quality tender beef, all produced and butchered her
e on the farm.
Whilst we’re not ‘Organic’, we pride ourselves on high animal welfare, only the essential administering of antibiotics, high quality concentrated feedstuffs where required, and careful environmentally-conscious pasture management; all in all good extensive farming which produces a superior product.  Our livestock enjoy lush pastures in the Severn Valley – with the river making up Top Barn’s Eastern boundary.

In our traditional Harvest Shop butchery, Ben and Adam are pleased to discuss your requirements, and cut your meat to order.  We offer straight cuts and joints as well as gold award winning (BPEX regional awards, Feb 2012) pies, sausages, bacon cured and smoked on site, and mince, etc.
Our chicken is free-range from Springfield Farm, Bromyard – you really can taste the difference! Full-flavoured and succulent


Our outdoor-reared Gloucester OldSpot pork is supplemented by free-range pork bought in from Packington

Please get in touch with the Harvest Shop for enquiries regarding game, and large orders; phone 01905 621954.