The Harper Family

Family-group-09Fred and Kath Harper lived in the Lodge, Worcester Road from 1941 and in 1947 moved with their family to Holt Castle, which they owned for 40 years. There is a deep desire within the family to share this beautiful Worcestershire countryside with visitors to the farm.

Over the last twenty years or so we have diversified further and developed our farm buildings into a Business Centre, and the lake into a sports facility.

We are still a family enterprise. David and Di continue to manage the business centre, their daughter and son in law, Clare and James, with their three children are farming in Cornwall, and their three sons and their families are here at Top Barn, each successfully running their own Top Barn enterprises.

We have developed care farming projects at Top Barn, using the land and this lovely area to help people to develop their potential and to improve their lifestyle. These projects are run by The Good Soil Company, a Social Enterprise Company guaranteed by Top Barn Trust.

There is something here for everyone in the beautiful surroundings of the Worcestershire countryside.

David and Di

David and Di have lived and farmed at Top Barn since 1967. It was then a traditional family farm, and has always been open to people, with pick your own fruit, a Caravan Club CL site, and fishing pools.

Richard and Nicky

Richard and Nicky have a diverse business: they rear outdoor pigs, and process the meat into charcuterie products. They have rental business units, four fishing pools, and they host caravan rallies and dog shows on their land.

John and Alice

John and Alice have a considerable farming enterprise, growing and packing vegetables and grazing sheep and beef cattle. They also grow Christmas trees which they sell to both wholesale and consumer.

Mike and Joanna

Mike and Joanna own the Harvest Shop, the farm shop here at Top Barn and sell produce grown on the farm by Mike’s brothers and the care farms, in addition to other local and exotic produce. They opened Top Barn Farm Park in May 2011, with a great range of animals and activities to engage young children.

Clare And James

Clare and James raised outdoor reared pigs and grew crops on their farm near Burford, Gloucestershire, after returning in summer 2012 from 8 years farming on the South Island of New Zealand. They relocated once again to Cornwall in 2014 where they farm cereals and sheep.